Our Company

Welcome, and thank you for visiting NY2O Denim! We are an online boutique retailing original fashion essentials. With roots in New York and Northern California, NY2O stands for New York 2 Oakland. An Empire state of mind California dreaming describes our company perfectly, for we are a myriad of fusion from both coasts. In a visual, we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to enter SOHO and ended up in San Francisco’s Height Asbury district. We took the A train on 42nd street and stepped off the trolley car in Union Square by Powell Street, only to cross the bay for a bite to eat at Lake Merritt Bakery in Oakland.


Our Style

NY2O Denim is a combination of conservative silhouettes and laid back style mixed with modern fabrication and techniques. Jeans/trousers, button-up/t-shirts, sweaters/hooded sweatshirts and other basic apparel items which transition from the work place to a night out with friends have lasting appeal. Fashion trends come and go as quickly as the seasons change but classic styles stand the test of time. For shoppers sick of fast fashion brands, our unique combination of clothing styles creates a timeless formula for lasting fashion health and wellness. We are NY2O Denim! We are the cure for common clothing.

Created In House

Fashion Design 100%
Manufacturing 90%
Screen Print 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Multi Media 100%

Our Mission

NY20 Denim’s mission is to consistently create premium quality, environmentally sustainable, originally handcrafted products that both enhance and inspire a meaningful lifestyle for our customers, employees, and the local community.

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